Cuff Me

A BDSM Romance
Cover of Cuff Me: A BDSM Romance

An ass that nice should be illegal. Trust me, I’m a cop.

Emily wants me to teach her about submission. To show her everything I know about pleasure and pain. To be her Dom. God knows I want to.

But I’m her superior officer. I’m older. And I’ve got a history of breaking everything I touch.

I refuse to break her.

– – – – – 

Paul is an idiot.

I’ve crushed on him since he was nothing more than a sexy voice on the police radio. Now that we’re working together, I know it’s not just his voice that’s sexy.

But he’s stuck in the past and can’t see what’s right in front of his face.


He thinks ropes and chains will scare me off, but I’ll prove to him that even good girls can be bad.

Keep Me

A BDSM Romance
Cover of Keep Me: A BDSM Romance

Vivian broke my best friend’s heart. Can I trust her with mine?

Naked. On her knees. Eyes down, back straight. She aches for a master.

Too bad it’s all an act.

She can pretend all she wants, but now that she’s under my skin, that’s not good enough. Not for me. Not when I see how badly she needs me. Not when I think of all the things I want to do to her.

I can’t redeem her, but I can be her rock until she finds her own way.

Until she submits, body and soul.

– – – – –

If you ask Caleb, I’m a hot mess waiting to happen. And he’s right.

Even my ex, the man I thought I knew, gave up on me. Why Caleb hasn’t done the same is a mystery. He keeps me safe, and makes me strong, but what can I offer in return?

My submission. A gift I give him gladly because every cell of my body stands at attention when he commands me to serve.

I only have one thing to ask in return.

Keep me.

Teach Me

A BDSM Romance
Cover of Teach Me: A BDSM Romance

Amber. To keep her safe, I have to push her away.

She’s smart, sexy and too damn stubborn for her own good. This job isn’t what she thinks, and I’m dangerous to be around. I try to keep my distance, but she keeps coming back and every time it gets harder to let her go.

I can’t always be there to protect her, but I refuse to stay away, when all I want to do is tie her up and make her mine.

– – – – –

Eric. My hero. My adversary. My weakness.

He roars into my life on his bike, driving me crazy. One moment he chases me away, the next he’s taking charge, spanking me raw and making me scream with pleasure. I don’t know his secret, but no way will I let him scare me off without a fight. Not now that he’s let me in.

I’ll keep coming back until he figures out what he really needs.


Make Me

A BDSM Romance
Cover of Make Me: A BDSM Romance

Sassy mouth, spankable ass, curves that won’t quit. I can’t get Dawn off my mind.

The chemistry in our scenes is off the charts, but me and love parted ways a long time ago. I can’t let her get used to me riding in to save the day every time she’s in trouble, but now she’s under my skin, and to make her behave I might just have to make her mine.

– – – – –

Gabriel loves my bratty attitude, and I love the way he puts me in my place. No Dom has ever worked me over like he does. It’s like he knows my body better than I do. What it needs. What it can take. He doesn’t want a relationship, but that’s okay. I don’t need forever, so long as he gives me tonight.

That all changes when he saves my life. Now I’m falling hard and fast, but it’ll take more than making him breakfast to break down his walls. He needs me as badly as I need him, and I’m going to prove it the best way I know how.

By giving him a challenge he’ll never be able to resist.