One Flight Stand Cover

Cuff Me is my fourth romance novella with a BDSM theme. As with my others, it centers around a BDSM club and features cameos by characters from my other books. However, the story itself is fully stand-alone, and doesn’t require having read the other ones to enjoy it. There’s no cheating, and a happy ending is always guaranteed.

Police investigator Paul Cannon (who has made brief appearances in a couple of my other books) is an experienced Dom who’s given up on relationships, especially of the BDSM sort. Emily Fairburn is a plucky officer, fresh on the force, with a major crush on Paul, her superior officer.

When Em discovers her submissive streak, she wants Paul to teach her. He, however, faces ghosts from his past, police regulations and his desire to protect Em from something he doesn’t think is right for her. Still, when put on the spot, he can’t pull himself away, and one encounter after another ramps the stakes up just a little higher, until it’s make or break for both them and their kinky activities.

Legal stuff: You’re 18+ years old, you don’t mind descriptions of explicit sex and you will read and give the story your honest review ASAP, and at least within two weeks. Otherwise, this ARC isn’t for you. I will only use your email address for the ARC list for this particular book, and to later contact you once to see if you’re interested in being an ARC reader for my next book.

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